The Perfect Day-to-Night Hairstyles

When you start the day with brunch and end with drinks, we have the wigs for your all-day hairstyle.

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Hey girl, we get it, you’re busy. Sometimes, you need a simple daytime hairdo that will also be perfect for after-work drinks. At Cabello Elite, you’ll be able to find incredible wigs that will have you looking gorgeous day and night.

Profile view of woman with long, blonde wavy hair.

Anytime, Anywhere Waves

Who doesn’t love a good beach look? Flowy, wavy hair is a gorgeous look no matter the time of day. It’s also very versatile, which is an added bonus. You can pull some of it back for a half-and-half look, or keep it down to perfectly shape your face. Beach wave hair is timeless, and at any length. With tresses and lace front wigs from Cabello Elite, you’ll be able to have gorgeous waves anytime, anywhere.

Girl with two fishtail braids sits on old, green VW bug parked on beach.

Fishtail Braid

The fishtail braid really took off in popularity — and for good reason! It’s unique, and with the right touch, you can have that perfectly messy look we all spend hours trying to achieve. Fishtail braids are nice for day-to-night hairstyles because braids allow you to pull hair out of your face. This is great for work, doing chores, or grocery shopping during the day. Then, at night, a braid will look sophisticated, and allow your evening makeup to really shine. With fishtail braids, you can have the best of all worlds.

Back of brunette woman’s head with a large, loose bun in her hair.


Top-knots are so underrated, especially when it comes to day-to-night hairstyles. If you want a clean, elegant look, a top-knot is the way to go. Want a professional look during the day? Wear a top-knot. Want a unique night out look? Wear a top-knot. The thing with top-knot buns is they allow you to accessorize! Hello bold, big, earrings! What’s better than a hairstyle that allows you to show off your style? Top-knots are very easy to execute with lace front wigs, and you can choose either straight or curly tresses.

Woman with long, healthy, straight, blonde hair.

Sleek and Straight

A sleek, straight hairstyle is the ultimate day-to-night look. It’s always fashionable, and women will envy your look from afar. Similar to wavy hair, sleek and straight is very versatile, but the simplicity of straight hair is inexplicably beautiful. When trying to achieve a perfect day-to-night hairstyle, sometimes less is more. With long, straight, all-natural lace front wigs from Cabello Elite, you can have a classic look any day of the week.

Cabello Elite is your premier location for lace front wigs and tresses. We offer multiple collections of top-rated products with competitive prices to keep you from overspending. No matter what kind of hairstyle you’re trying to achieve, Cabello Elite can help you own it. Shop now to find your ultimate look!

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